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Build your Own e-Business

SQL - MySQL Build Your Own Database Diven Web Sites

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Reading "SQL - MySQL Build Your Own Database driven Web Sites", the first of "Build Your Own e-Business" Suite of books you will be able to learn how to build your own powerful secure and best performance relational databases using Session Management and SSP (Session Scripting Programming) methodologies.

Why You Should Read This Book

This book will teach you how to create interactive dynamic websites based on relational database driven schemas using open source technologies such as SQL, MySQL and PHP. Learning SQL - MySQL Build Your Own Database driven Web Sites you will be able to build your own powerful secure and best performance relational databases using Session Management and SSP (Session Scripting Programming) methodologies. Step by step you will learn how to design and build relational databases based on Logical Data Models which will give you the best performance through indexing and SQL tables queries handling.

Especially you will learn:

What Relational Databases are
What Entities and Objects in an Entities Relationship Model (ERM) are
How to design a Logical ERM assigning relationships between its Entities
How to create Primary and Foreign Keys for the Tables of a Logical DB Model
How to Normalize the Database Schema to remove dependencies
How to manage SQL Tables
How to use SQL Operators and Conditional Statements
How to use SQL Aggregate Functions
How to combine Conditions to filter Data
How to Join Multiple SQL Tables
How to use Virtual Tables
How to achieve the best Query performance using Sub-Queries
How to use Aliases and Indexes
How to use Truncate and Alter Tables
How to make Tables and Database Backups
How to increase your Database Security
How to connect with a database in a MySQL Database Server
How to protect your database from SQL injections
How to handle Date and Time with MySQL
How to JOIN SQL Tables with MySQL
How to use Subqueries as Inner or Outer JOINS
How to make Backup and Restore MySQL Databases through PHP
How to create MySQL Users Accounts and Privileges
How to make Transactions using Locking Methods
How to use Session Management to avoid a visitors traffic bottle neck
How to modify the Server Configuration File my.ini
How to optimize MySQL Database Server performance
How to optimize your MySQL Databases performance
How to create an Authentication User's Login database application
How to create a Content Management System - CMS application
How to download, install and configure MySQL 5+
How to manage MySQL databases

You can free download all source codes of this book which are available at for our readers. Also, the book should provide you with a deeper understanding of how the different technology is involved in database applications and how they are applied in environments like the web. So, our Web Tutor learning and educating environment leads you to achieve a certified professional level of skills step by step.