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Build your Own e-Business

S E O - Build Your Own Search Engines Strategy
e-Business Optimization

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Today search engines and web directories contain one of the most important and major chapters of the web. Using them web clients can find immediately in a very simple way specific information from specific web sites. Thus, web sites in order to increase the number of their visitors that in web terms means traffic, they must be created to achieve a good position in the search engine listing results for the subject that they present.

Reading "SEO - Build Your Own Search Engines Strategy", you will be able to learn how to build your own Search Engines Strategy in order to optimize both performance and high ranking and positioning in search engines.

A web developer, web master or an e-Economist who is responsible to lead an e-business site to a profitable return on investment (ROI) he or she must have deep knowledge of web programming and how search engines and web directories work.
Thus, from the beginning the web site must be designed under the SEO principles following the main optimization criteria for each search engine and directory separately.

Why You Should Read This Book

This book will teach you how to learn and implement the SEO methodology during the procedure of web development. Developers who ingnore this methodology of web development, their web sites for e-business applications do not appear in search engine listings at all or they have a very poor appearance.

When you start to build your SEO strategy, you will learn that your first duty is to decide in which of the main search engines and directories you are going to submit your web site. Thus, you will get the first critical factor key of your completed submission plan, for each of the search engines and directories you have selected.

The second critical factor key should be writing code in connection with your SEO strategy optimization criteria.

You will learn to test if search engine optimization criteria are satisfied and if your web site is accessible and has many chances to get a good position in the search engine lists and improve its position.
Also, you will learn how the popularity could be achieved in the future.

The SEO methodology will teach you the main combination of coding techniques and promotional tactics that lead the strategy optimization plan.
Although there is no "search engine optimization top secret" that leads to the first top ten result listing, applying the SEO methodology during your web development you can get very good search positioning results.

Especially you will learn:

How Search Engines Work
What do Crawls, Spiders and Robots do?
How the web page text content is analyzed
How Indexers and Catalogs work
How Search Engines Rank your Website
Which are the page content critical factors
How to use HTML-XHTML in the right way
How to select the right Keywords
How to use the W3C HTML-XHTML evaluators
How Web Directories Work
How to use the Listing results of Web Directories
How to use the websites evaluations from the editors
How to compare Web Directories and Search Engines
How to pay for Inclusion and for Placement services
How to use Creative Management
How to create your Link Architecture
How to create your link popularity
How to use a metadata Resource Description Framework
How to create Relevant Content
How to make your YouTube Marketing
The Unique content is the king
How to build the Popularity of your Site

You can free download all source codes of this book which are available at for our readers. Also, the book should provide you with a deeper understanding of how various technologies are involved in database applications and how they are applied in environments like the web. So, our Web Tutor learning and educating environment leads you to achieve a certified professional level of skills step by step.