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Build your Own e-Business

P H P & Session Scripting Programming - SSP

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In this book of our Web Tutor OneWeek of “Build Your Own E-Business” Suite, you will find all you need to learn about PHP professional programming. The author presents a full guide of PHP langauge structure and PHP applications that you can put to use immediately. Implementing the Session Scripting Programming - SSP web development methodology we give you the posibility through expert tips and session techniques to write your own secure and best performance efficient e-business applications.

Why You Should Read This Book

This book will teach you how to create interactive dynamic websites based on relational database driven schemas using open source technologies such as SQL, MySQL and PHP. Learning PHP & Session Scripting Programming - SSP you will be able to build your own powerful secure and best performance database driven web applications using Session Management and SSP (Session Scripting Programming) methodologies.
Step by step you will learn how to develop a best performance web application.

Especially you will learn:

How to find PHP 5 preprocessor web server scripting software
How to install PHP 5 for Apache Web server in Linux/Windows environments
How to configure your PHP 5 preprocessor machine in your Web server
How to write PHP scripts and embed them into HTML documents
How to use PHP Globals and Superglobals variables
How to use PHP Operators, Expressions and Constants
How to use SSL programming for secure transactions
How to create shopping carts and payment systems
How to create an e-business environment
How to estimate the PHP application life cycle
How to develop and manage PHP programs using Sessions
How to implement Sessions Scripting Programming - SSP
How to use SSP to improve the performance of PHP applications
How to prevent MySQL database from SQL injections with PHP
How to authendicate users accessing through PHP
How to generate PDF files with PHP
How to generate Forums with PHP

You can free download all source codes of this book which are available at for our readers. Also, the book should provide you with a deeper understanding of how various technologies are involved in database applications and how they are applied in environments like the web. So, our Web Tutor learning and educating environment leads you to achieve a certified professional level of skills step by step.