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Build your Own e-Business

MySQL6 e-Business Procedural Database Programming

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Reading "SQL - MySQL Build Your Own Database driven Web Sites", the first of "Build Your Own e-Business" Suite of books you will be able to learn how to build your own powerful secure and best performance relational databases using Session Management and SSP (Session Scripting Programming) methodologies.

Why You Should Read This Book

This book will teach you how to create interactive and secure e-Commerce sites driven by databases driven schemas using open source technologies through Session Scripting Programming - SSP with PHP. Learning MySQL6 Databases & Procedural Programming you will be able to build your own e-Business real-time, multiproccessing reservation web applications achieving the best security and performance. Step by step you will learn how to design and manage e-business databases using procedural database programming which will give you the best performance through indexing and SQL tables queries handling.

Especially you will learn:

How to improve your database structure through stored procedure statements
How to utilize the various data items allowed in MySQL stored procedures
How to use the cursor creations using the best practices
How to manage MySQL databases through stored procedures
How to secure your e-business by effective exceptions & errors handling
How to handle file uploads using HTML forms.
How to manage MySQL databases through stored procedures
How to improve MySQL stored procedures' response time by SQL statements
How to implement dynamic code prevention for SQL injections
How to use triggers to improve your data integrity and automatic processes
How to use stored procedures in order to achieve the best data security level
How to develop e-business transactions using sessions and stored procedures
How to utilize sessions and cookies to track site visitors
How to optimize your e-business performance by optimizing stored procedures
How to optimize the loading and response time of your e-business application

We have managed the content of the book in order to keep the balance between the theory and the clear "down-to-earth" treatment of the subject, without sacrificing any of the important aspects.

You can free download all source codes of this book which are available at for our readers. Also, the book should provide you with a deeper understanding of how various technologies are involved in database applications and how they are applied in environments like the web. So, our Web Tutor learning and educating environment leads you to achieve a certified professional level of skills step by step.